HMIS Forms, Requirements, and Instructions


The information and forms you need depend on the type of funding you receive (e.g., HUD-funded agency, FHPAP-funded agency, ESGP-funded agency, etc.).


Program - click on the program below for more information


HPRP:Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program
Note: HPRP programs have closed; this is only used for SSVF and FY-end 2013 reporting for OEO ESG-RRH programs.


ESG: (Emergency Shelter, Outreach, Prevention, Transitional Housing, Rapid Re-housing)


HOPWA: Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS
RHASP: Rural Housing Assistance and Stability Program
S+C: Shelter Plus Care
SHP: Supportive Housing Program
SRO Mod Rehab: Section 8 Moderate Rehab for Single Room Occupancy
MHFA FHPAP: Family Homeless Prevention and Assistance Program
Ending LTH: Long-term Homelessness


DHS Youth
Ending LTH: Long-term Homelessness Support Services Funding
ESP: Emergency Services Program
PATH: Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness
THP: Transitional Housing Program
RHYA Main Information Page
United Way United Way-funded programs



HUD Data Standards
Much of the data collect for HMIS programs comes from the HUD Data Standards. The latest revision of these standards currently in use comes from March 2010.

Client consent
The Client Notice and Consent is used to ensure that all clients fully understand HMIS, why their personal information is being collected, and make an informed decision as to what identifying information will be entered into the system. The Release of Information allows client’s to choose if other agencies are able to access their information in HMIS, and if so, which agencies. These forms are designed to meet legal requirements and to provide clear information to the clients, seek legal counsel before modifying them in any way.



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