Help with Hmis

For further assistance, contact us: or our help line 651-280-2780 or 1-855-280-2780.

HMIS Calendar:  Calendar includes trainings, user group meetings, governing group meetings, report due dates, and other HMIS events.

Computer settings:

ART access troubleshooting fixes: This document is helpful if you are having trouble accessing ART or saving reports.
Browser Configuration Settings in SP5: How to setup your web browser for best functionality in ServicePoint and ART.

HMIS data collection:

Resource for gathering information from your clients:

Data entry forms for each funding source
HUD Data Standards (May 2014)
HMIS definitions
(July 2013)
Race and ethnicity in HMIS (Apr 2012)

HMIS data entry:

Resources for entering your clients' information into ServicePoint

Fiscal Year 2014 Summary of Changes (June 2014)
Funder-specific data entry information
Webinars (Jan 2014): (Login to ServicePoint - access through System News)
Backdating in ServicePoint 5 (June 2013): (Login to ServicePoint - access through System News)
Data Entry Correction Tips (May 2013)
How to add a household member (Mar 2013)
Updates chart for HMIS-funded projects (Mar 2013)
HMIS data entry and ART reporting instructions (July 2012): step-by-step instructions applicable to ALL funding sources.
Full Day Training PowerPoint (Apr 2012)
How to enter disabilities (June 2011)
How to enter income and benefits (June 2011)
HMIS data entry FAQ (Mar 2010)

HMIS reporting:

PIT Report Instructions (Feb 2014)
Funder-specific report information
Webinars (Jan 2014): (Login to ServicePoint - access through System News)
ART refreshes twice daily: (Dec 2013)
HMIS reporting FAQ (Mar 2010): Common questions about ServicePoint and ART reports

Legislation Documents:

New Legislation for Domestic Violence Agencies (Mar 2006)
Update on the Violence against Women Act (VAWA) (Dec 2005)

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