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February 2015 #2
ART Reporting Update

February 2015
Important HMIS 2.0 Changes & Training Requirements Coming in March

January 2015
Critical ART Report Issues, Required EDA Training, PIT Count 2015 and More

September 2014 #2
Oct 1, Upgrade to HUD new data standards: System in process until October 4

Upgrade to HUD new data standards; Upcoming Webinars: New data standards.

September 2014 #1
New HMIS data standards

New HMIS data standards; Upcoming webinars: New data standards; Coming Soon: Updated Forms; New naming conventions; Upcoming training dates; New staff at HMIS: Andrew; HMIS 2.0 update.

August 2014
New convention for provider names

Announcement about how provider names will be changing in ServicePoint to reflect the new HMIS 2.0 standards.

July 2014
Coordinated Assessment memo from Cathy ten Broeke

Memo with request for providing feedback on the requirements and priorities of coordinated assessment.

June 2014
Fiscal Year changes, new data standards, report dates, and more.

Fiscal year changes; Report due dates; Data quality update; Updated HMIS Data Standards announcement; and notice of upcoming trainings. Spotlight on HMIS 2.0 and ServicePointer on Reporting and Data Correction II webinar.

April 2014
ServicePoint is Secure

ServicePoint is not vulnerable to the recent security vulnerability dubbed "Heartbleed".

December 2013
MN's HMIS - More ART refreshes, 2012 Dashboards, NOFA, and Thank you!

ART to refresh twice a day! Starting Dec 6; NOFA: Notice of Funding Availability; 2012 Homeless Service Use Dashboards now available; AHAR report deadline approaching; Spotlight: HUD APR changes and Interim Reviews; ServicePointer: Recorded Webinars are your friends!

October 2013
MN's HMIS - HUD Changes, Upgrades, and New Resources
HUD APR Changes and Interim Reviews; ServicePoint 5.8 Upgrade Oct 20th; Fiscal Year-End Changes Implemented in ServicePoint; HMIS at the MN Coalition for the Homeless Conference; Trainings and Report Due Dates; Spotlight: ESG Data Entry and Reporting Reminders; ServicePointer: Recorded Webinars Are Your Friends!; Under the Big Tent: Wilder Chautauqua on Homelessness

July 2013
Fiscal Year Reporting and System Updates

HMIS Fiscal Year Changes and New Resources; Data Quality Reports and Updated Instructions; Introducing: the New LTH Data Quality and Dashboards Reports; HUD CoC APR: Instructions Have Changed; HMIS End of State Fiscal Year Report Due Dates; Technical Assistance for MN's HMIS; Spotlight: Coordinated Assessment Webinar on August 6th; ServicePointer: HMIS Reporting Webinar Recorded

June 2013
Fiscal Year-End Changes and Important Updates

HMIS Fiscal Year Changes coming in July - make sure to prepare; HUD ESG programs in ServicePoint - resources and updates; HMIS browser and technology updates; HMIS Data Quality - what's new in 2013; Holiday HMIS Helpdesk hours; Spotlight: HMIS Reporting webinar - Register by July 1st; ServicePointer: New Household Changes Document

December 2012
It's STILL AHAR time! Timeline Reminder

Timeline reminder for HUD AHAR data cleaning; Holiday HMIS Helpdesk hours; Spotlight: Winter 2012-13 report due dates; ServicePointer: January PIT counts for CoCs

October 2012
It's AHAR time! Updates and Deadlines

It's AHAR Season! Details and deadlines; Data Quality Monitoring Plan - What you should know; Thanks! And HMIS End-User Award Winners; HMIS training updates; Spotlight: New long-distance Helpdesk number; ServicePointer: Backdating in ServicePoint 5

September 2012
MN's HMIS - Awards, Updates, and New Team Members

HMIS Provider Forum and User Awards at MCH Conference in October; Reminder: Data Quality Monitoring Plan starts October 15, 2012; Minnesota Service Use Dashboard Reports now available online!; System changes and known issues; HMIS Training updates; Spotlight: Welcome two new staff to MN's HMIS team!; ServicePointer: How well do you know your HUD APR?

June 2012
MN's HMIS Fiscal Year Changes - Important News and Updates

Fiscal Year Changes Document - Read Before July 1, 2012; Backdating and Data Entry - Important Review and Clarification; Updated Forms and Instructions - Download as of July 1, 2012; New HMIS Data Quality Support Process Begins 7/1/12; Known Issues in ServicePoint 5 as of June, 2012; Spotlight: Upcoming Report Due Dates; ServicePointer: FY Changes - Top 3 Things to Remember

April 2012
ServicePoint 5: Life After the Upgrade - Important Updates

New trainings and open computer labs near you - register today; Top 4 tips for ServicePoint 5; Known Issues in ServicePoint 5 - how they affect you; Spotlight: Spring 2012 report due dates; ServicePointer: Getting the most out of your SP5 resources

February 2012
Register! REQUIRED ServicePoint 5 training; ServicePoint down March 9 - 18: Plan accordingly; Spotlight: HMIS data contributes to ROI on supportive housing in MN; ServicePointer: Finish HUD and HPRP data checking BEFORE March 9

January 2012
Register today for your required ServicePoint 5 webinar training; ServicePoint 5 upgrade schedule at a glance; New ServicePoint 5 resources available online; Spotlight: A special message from the MN's HMIS team; ServicePointer: What other states are saying about ServicePoint 5

December 2011
Make Sure Your AHAR Data Is Ready; ServicePoint 5 Upgrade Around the Corner; HMIS Proposed Rule Released; Report Due Dates and Trainings; Spotlight: Homeless Service Use Report: Did You Know; ServicePointer: Resources and Webinars  
New Homeless Children and their Families Video Spot Released

October 2011
It's AHAR Season; ServicePoint 5 Update and Spec Check; HMIS 2011 User Award Winners Announced; Report Due Dates, Meetings, Events, and Trainings; Spotlight: Welcome to New HMIS Staff; ServicePointer: 2011 Data Standards Changes Revisited

September 2011
HMIS Provider Forum, Awards, and Governing Group at MCH Conference; September 2011 HMIS Changes; New HUD APR and Matrix Webinars Posted Online; Spotlight: HMIS Online Training Request Form; ServicePointer: "Total Monthly Income" for HUD and HPRP

July 2011
HMIS Data Collection Forms - New and Improved; HMIS Instructions Updated; New HUD APR Training; HMIS and the State Shutdown; Spotlight - Never Set "Receiving Income Source" to "No"    

June 2011
HMIS state funder changes effective July 1; New HUD APR training dates upcoming; ServicePoint 5 and computer spec check survey; Program descriptor survey; Spotlight: Minnesota Homeless Service Use Report 2010 released.

April 2011
ServicePoint software upgrade has been postponed until at least early 2012; Reasons to upgrade; Key points related to the upgrade; Spotlight: Resource for discounted computers.

February 2011
ServicePoint 5 upgrade postponed; Full-day new user training update.

January 2011
ServicePoint 5 upgrade dates; ServicePointer: Is your computer ready for ServicePoint 5; Spotlight: Thank you to our ServicePoint 5 demo site testers.

December 2010
ServicePoint 5 upgrade dates and training period; SP5 user-friendly features; Spotlight: HMIS user appreciation award winners; ServicePointer: Zip code of last permanent address.

August 2010
HMIS user appreciation awards; 2010 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR); Spotlight: Homeless service use in Minnesota: Federal fiscal year 2009; ServicePointer: Data entry forms.

June 2010
New data standards are now available in ServicePoint; Materials for all funding sources are now available; List of ServicePoint changes; Data entry instructions.

May (26) 2010
New requirements; Spotlight: 2009 Minnesota Homeless Study; ServicePointer: New HMIS data entry forms and instructions will be out shortly.

May (5) 2010
ServicePoint changes; Trainings for new and current users; Spotlight: Use HMIS data to evaluate your program; ServicePointer: Help for users.

March 2010
New HPRP data check reports; Coming this summer: Homeless service use in Minnesota: federal fiscal year 2009; Spotlight: Congratulations AHAR participants; ServicePointer: Adding a new member to an existing household.

December 2009
The Advanced Reporting Tool (ART) update; How can ART be improved?; Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP) first Quarterly Performance Report (QPR); Spotlight: HMIS data entry superstar agencies; Spotlight: Wilder launches Supportive Housing Outcomes Study; ServicePointer: Achieve perfect data.

October 2009
Every provider’s data quality counts; Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) data collection begins November 1, 2009; Spotlight: AHAR award winning Continuum of Care (CoC) regions; ServicePointer: Deleting Service Transactions and Entry/Exits.

September 2009
ServicePoint upgrade scheduled; DHS-Youth-specific changes; Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Programs (HPRP); Every provider’s data quality counts; HMIS at the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless Conference; HUD’s new draft data standards-comments due; Spotlight: Minnesota C.O.R.E;  ServicePointer: “H” is for History.

August 2009
September ServicePoint upgrade; Give your input on more changes to come;  Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP);  2010 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) data collection period;  Spotlight: New report uses HMIS data; ServicePointer: Household Data Sharing Assessment.

June 2009
ServicePoint changes effective July 1, 2009; LTH-specific FY09-10 changes, Short Webinar on LTH-specific FY09-10 changes; Minnesota’s HMIS Research Associate Position; Null Data reports for the HUD Exhibit 2 available;  Spotlight: Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP); ServicePointer: Zip code of last permanent address.

March 2009
Three more changes to save you time; Minnesota’s HMIS Report Center; Spotlight: Thank you to the Greater Minnesota Housing Fund and the Family Housing Fund; ServicePointer:  THP Services Transactions without end dates.

October 2008
HMIS provider forum; The state is lightening the load—again; Changes in MN state reports; 2008 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR); HUD proposes HMIS changes; Frequently asked HMIS questions; Spotlight: Homeless Youth: Finding Home; ServicePointer:  Assessments.


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