The mission of Minnesota’s HMIS is to provide standardized and timely information to improve access to housing and services, and strengthen our efforts to end homelessness.

Minnesota’s HMIS aims to improve our understanding of homelessness in Minnesota. We do this by collecting information for homeless service providers throughout the state. This information includes individual client demographic (e.g., gender, age, ethnicity) and household information (e.g., housing status, services provided, income). Centralizing data in one place allows us to look not only at client outcomes at the program level, but to also evaluate service-use patterns across the entire network of providers and ensure that funding for homeless programs remains strong. It gives us a clearer picture of people who experience homelessness, their needs, and how that population changes over time.

“My organization is statewide and I needed a web-based system to track my client data across my regional offices and across a wide variety of funding streams. HMIS is the best statewide solution available and just makes good business sense to me.”
-Kathleen Vitalis, Executive Director
Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans

“With the state of the economy and so many program funding cuts, it’s more important than ever to know exactly who we serve, and HMIS helps us do that. We use HMIS in all kinds of ways aside from what we’re required to submit to funders.”
Mary Heath
Lutheran Social Services

“Wilder staff is very quick to respond when I email them about a problem. Thank you!”
“The best thing about ServicePoint is that it is a centralized database for tracking homelessness for agencies and programs.”
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